This Week: Thrival Innovation + Music Festival

South by Southwestern Pennsylvania?
South by Southwestern Pennsylvania?

This week, I’m hoping to attend a few events at Thrival, Pittsburgh’s ‘premier music, media, and mind mashup.” This week-long festival ends with a giant concert next weekend (apparently right on my doorstep here in Bakery Square?! More on this later) and features a week of events on topics from music to education to technology.

My first, more cynical reaction was, “Austin called; it’s pronounced ‘South by Southwest.'” Because this sound a lot like what SXSW has become: a now multi-week celebration of new ideas in education, technology, and (arguably most importantly) music. Less cynically, I’m really excited about this festival, because it embodies something I’m starting to sense about my new home. Pittsburgh has great energy right now: in schools, in nonprofits, even in restaurants, people are excited about pushing boundaries and trying new things. People here love their city and they’re excited about doing things to keep it great and help it grow. I’m looking forward to getting involved in things this week and finding ways to learn more about the great things going on in the Steel City.


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