It’s Digital Learning Day!

Digital-Learning-Day4Today is the annual Digital Learning Day, a day that celebrates and promotes digital learning around the globe and encourages teachers to try one new thing to enhance their practice. I’ll be tweeting and retweeting throughout the day, so feel free to keep an eye on my twitter feed (I’m @PMKievlan) as the day goes on for what I’m seeing and thinking about. It’s a nice day for reflecting on how digital learning impacts and influences life in the classroom and on the homefront. I encourage you to read, think, and explore as the day goes on to think about how digital learning has transformed your own practice as an educator, your life as a student, or your home as a parent. Feel free to comment below or connect with me on Twitter to discuss as the day goes on. Also, if you’ve never dived into Twitter, let today be the day: follow the hashtags for Digital Learning Day (it’ll likely be trending with #DLDay) and #edtech and #edchat. They’re my favorite ongoing conversations, and they’re a great way to get informed and inspired.

In the meantime, here are some things to explore and keep an eye on as the day goes on:

Graphite: I’m so proud to be part of the amazing team at Graphite. This is an amazing group of people committed to bringing a thoughtful, critical eye to edtech. Keep an eye on posts from @graphite and @commonsenseedu throughout the day to learn about great edtech tools that can transform the classroom and help teachers better reach their students.

WQED: I’m newly a member of the education team at WQED, the amazing station that brought you Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood and which continues to be an education leader in our region. I’m now the manager of iQ: smartparent, a program about parenting children in the digital age. Keep an eye out for posts from WQED and WQED Learning, and watch out for our hashtag, #iQSmartParent.

Have a fabulous day and happy learning!

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