This Month’s Adventure: LRNG Summits

Back in November, I started working on a project with The Sprout Fund to help produce three regional summits for LRNG, the new national nonprofit that’s taking digital badging and connected learning to the next level across the country. It’s a great way for Sprout and Pittsburgh to share the work we’ve done with Pittsburgh City of Learning with a national audience, and it’s also a great way for us to connect with people across the country so we can make connected learning even stronger in our community back here in Western Pennsylvania.

To spread the word, we’re facilitating three events in five weeks: in Philadelphia last week, in San Francisco next week, and in Chicago in the beginning of February. The video above captures some highlights from the event in Philly, which we hosted at WHYY. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the always-energetic, endlessly amazing Dave Crusoe, my classmate and former co-conspirator in the world of MBE back at HGSE. He’s now doing great work down in Atlanta with the Boys and Girls Club of America; it was terrific to hear what he’s up to, and to see a tangible example of an organization that could benefit from LRNG’s model and efforts.

You can learn more about LRNG on their website here, and you can find out about how to apply to be a program partner or LRNG city on the application website here.


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