Patricia Monticello Kievlan, EdM

Patricia Monticello Kievlan is a writer and educator based in Houston, Texas. Tricia works as Program Associate, Community Building, at The Sprout Fund, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit that solves problems, shares knowledge, and seeds change. In addition to her work with Sprout, Tricia writes and edits for Common Sense Media‘s Education division, and she also works as an instructional designer and teaching consultant with local independent schools and nonprofits.

Use this site to find out what I’m up to and to learn about my favorite things in the education world. Find out more about my work and my interests on my Biography page. Check out what I’m reading and thinking about on the blog, and visit the Talks & Presentations page to read about past and upcoming events where I’ve appeared. Visit “Required Reading” for a list of my favorite books right now on neurodiversity and edtech plus a list of links to spots across the web that I admire.

Want to get in touch? Find me on Twitter @PMKievlan and via email at pmkievlan(at)gmail(dot)com.