Want to learn more? Just ask!

One of the things I love most about this conference is that all of its materials are online. There were more than 50 concurrent sessions during each time slot this weekend, so it was impossible to view every single excellent talk. However, I will have access to all of the slides and handouts from all … Continue reading Want to learn more? Just ask!


Farewell, Philly!

It ended up being a gorgeous spring weekend here in Philadelphia! As happy as I am to get home, I'm definitely going to miss this weather once I get back to rainy SF. I'm now sitting at the airport soaking in the last rays of sunshine and awaiting my flight home. Happy reading and have … Continue reading Farewell, Philly!

Conference Day Three: In The Trenches

For the last day of the conference, I chose three sessions that had very specific classroom implications for the so-called Twenty-First Century Learner. (Sorry; I can't help but poke fun at Making Words Important By Using Capital Letters.) The first talked about designing homework for Digital Natives; the second focused on developing professional learning communities … Continue reading Conference Day Three: In The Trenches

Conference Day Two: Going from Good to Great

Today was a full day at the conference: one session in the morning, a general session with all 8000-some conference participants in attendance, and two sessions in the afternoon. The whole experience was exhausting but rewarding, and it was especially nice to emerge from the last afternoon session and find that the rain clouds had … Continue reading Conference Day Two: Going from Good to Great

ASCD: second general session

For today's general session, I got here a little earlier and got a seat right up front. The next session is the one I've been excited about for months: it's a talk from surgeon and best-selling author Atul Gawande. Dr. Gawande's humanism and his humor make him a joy to read; his commitment to working … Continue reading ASCD: second general session

Conference Day One: Navigating the Conference

For me, the greatest challenge of a conference is making an agenda. This is one of the biggest conferences I've ever attended, and there are hundreds of sessions to sort through and choose from. As I read through the session descriptions on the plane yesterday, I wondered: who do I need to be at this … Continue reading Conference Day One: Navigating the Conference

Liveblog: ASCD in Philadelphia

I'm blogging from the ASCD annual conference in Philadelphia! The school has generously sent me out to this conference where I'm learning more about twenty-first century skills, differentiated instruction, and Web 2.0 tools in schools. There are lots of great talks throughout this weekend and I'm having a blast. Feel free to follow me here … Continue reading Liveblog: ASCD in Philadelphia