Event Debrief: EdRev 2015

This was my fifth -- fifth! -- year at EdRev and it was maybe the best one yet. I'm so grateful to my gracious hosts at PEN for inviting me to speak and for welcoming me so warmly back to my west coast home in SF. Here are some highlights from my trip. The keynote … Continue reading Event Debrief: EdRev 2015


It’s Digital Learning Day!

Today is the annual Digital Learning Day, a day that celebrates and promotes digital learning around the globe and encourages teachers to try one new thing to enhance their practice. I'll be tweeting and retweeting throughout the day, so feel free to keep an eye on my twitter feed (I'm @PMKievlan) as the day goes … Continue reading It’s Digital Learning Day!

Against the Anonymous Internet

When I joined Facebook in fall 2004 ("back in my day, when it was just at some colleges..."), one of the things that seemed most revolutionary about the site was that people were using their real names. To that point, the main online identity I'd had was the AOL Instant Messenger screen name I chose in … Continue reading Against the Anonymous Internet

School Visit Debrief: Elizabeth Forward School District

This week, I had the opportunity to visit an amazing, innovative leader in technology in our region: Elizabeth Forward School District. EFSD has received regional and national recognition for its innovations, including inclusion as a member of the League of Innovative Schools and the designation as an Apple Distinguished School. The district hosts free events like … Continue reading School Visit Debrief: Elizabeth Forward School District

One New Thing: Embrace the Octothorpe

One of my new year's resolutions is to share something new, inspiring, or interesting each week in a blog post. It might be a list; it might be a link; it might be a story that feels worth sharing. It might only be tangentially related to the most serious topics in education. That being said, … Continue reading One New Thing: Embrace the Octothorpe

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

I attended a great webinar today sponsored by the amazing people at Learning Ally. Connecticut-based assistive technology consultant and trainer Jamie Martin was the presenter, and he did a terrific talk about different technology to support dyslexic students as they write. I loved one of the first things he mentioned: while these tools will be especially … Continue reading Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Event Debrief: Open Forum for Pittsburgh Education Technology

https://twitter.com/PMKievlan/status/509128706192052224 Last Monday, I attended the main education-related event of the week-long Thrival Festival. This edtech meetup was hosted at Thrill Mill, a startup incubator in the East Liberty neighborhood that served as one of the festival's main sponsors. The idea was to bring together educator types and technology types to foster a conversation about … Continue reading Event Debrief: Open Forum for Pittsburgh Education Technology

This Week: Thrival Innovation + Music Festival

This week, I'm hoping to attend a few events at Thrival, Pittsburgh's 'premier music, media, and mind mashup." This week-long festival ends with a giant concert next weekend (apparently right on my doorstep here in Bakery Square?! More on this later) and features a week of events on topics from music to education to technology.My first, … Continue reading This Week: Thrival Innovation + Music Festival

Dispatches from the K-8 Universe: Apps at CES and SHB

I got a great message last week from Krista Inchausti, one of our school's Educational Innovation Coordinators. Krista's role is to help teachers and students in our elementary schools to find creative, innovative educational tools and solutions for their classrooms. This sometimes means offering tips on great technology for the classroom. Here's a list of … Continue reading Dispatches from the K-8 Universe: Apps at CES and SHB

Common Sense Media Appy Hour

On Monday, I had the opportunity to appear on a webcast for Common Sense Media. The "Appy Hour" series gives educators the chance to talk about great educational apps and websites that they've used in their classrooms with great success. I'm a writer and reviewer for Graphite, Common Sense Media's website for educators, and last … Continue reading Common Sense Media Appy Hour