It’s Digital Learning Day!

Today is the annual Digital Learning Day, a day that celebrates and promotes digital learning around the globe and encourages teachers to try one new thing to enhance their practice. I'll be tweeting and retweeting throughout the day, so feel free to keep an eye on my twitter feed (I'm @PMKievlan) as the day goes … Continue reading It’s Digital Learning Day!


Parting Shot: Learning and the Brain SF 2014

I left the Learning and the Brain conference elated. I think this is the fifth installment of this conference that I've attended, and I'm so struck by how far it's come in that short time. Overall, this is the kind of professional development I love best--the kind that brings the people in the trenches into direct … Continue reading Parting Shot: Learning and the Brain SF 2014

Saturday Afternoon Sessions: Ending on a high note

There was no question which session I wanted to see most: Understanding LD, Reading, and Math Brains. Very interesting stuff ahead. Understanding LD, Reading & Math Brains (RP, PreK-12) Part I – Practical Applications of Neuroimaging to Practice — Taking Dyslexia (Reading Problems) as an Example, by Fumiko Hoeft, MD, PhD Part II – Changing Brains … Continue reading Saturday Afternoon Sessions: Ending on a high note

Saturday Morning Keynote Addresses

It's Day Three of Learning and the Brain! Here are this morning's keynote speakers. Welcome Remarks: Silvia A. Bunge, PhD, Building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory, UC, Berkeley Matthew D. Lieberman, PhD: "Educating the Social Brain" Louis J. Cozolino, PhD: "Attachment Based Teaching: How Secure Relationships Enhance Learning" Jean M. Twenge, PhD: "Teaching Generation 'Me'" Jim … Continue reading Saturday Morning Keynote Addresses

Friday Afternoon Sessions: the other really good possibility

And here are the possibilities for the other session that intrigues me this afternoon. The topic: Raising Resilience for a Standards Age. Read on for why I'm excited about this. Part I – The Resilient Student: Finding Balance in a High Pressure, Fast-Paced Culture of Standards and Success, by Denise C. Pope, PhD Part II … Continue reading Friday Afternoon Sessions: the other really good possibility

Friday Afternoon Sessions: An embarrassment of riches

There are two long sessions I'm trying to decide between for today. Here's a post on the first one. The subject: "Developing Social Minds in a Digital Age". The speakers: Part I – Coping in a Distracted, Disconnected World: ADHD, Multitasking and Technology, by Edward M. Hallowell, MD PartII–The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate … Continue reading Friday Afternoon Sessions: An embarrassment of riches

Friday Morning Keynote Addresses

So many fabulous people to see this morning at the Learning and the Brain Conference! I'm mostly thrilled that they put the two speakers with the most spectacularly cool--and spectacularly similar--names one after the other. Beyond their Scrabble-dominating names, both are terrific and interesting researchers; check out their websites to learn more. Welcome Remarks: Fumiko … Continue reading Friday Morning Keynote Addresses

Opening Keynote Addresses

I'm seated in the Grand Ballroom at the Fairmont for this year's opening keynote address. Here are the folks I'm about to hear: Opening Remarks from Kenneth S. Kosik, MD. Patricia S. Churchland, BPhil: "My Brain and its Self: How Humans Make Free Choices" Antonio Damasio, MD, PhD: "The Brain and Feeling" Kelly M. McGonigal, … Continue reading Opening Keynote Addresses

“So is the program online? Oh.”

I've mentioned my enthusiasm for MBE before: I'm enormously proud of the good work that my program, its leaders, and its alumni are doing in the world to bring educational practice, neurobiology, and cognitive psychology together. MBE is one of the co-sponsors of the annual Learning and the Brain conference, and I've been impressed with … Continue reading “So is the program online? Oh.”

Live from Learning and the Brain!

I'm at the Learning and the Brain Conference this weekend at the historic Fairmont Hotel here in San Francisco. This is my fourth year attending the conference on behalf of my graduate program, the Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) master's degree program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I'll be heading out of town … Continue reading Live from Learning and the Brain!