New Toy: Coffitivity

I say this a lot: if I don't work in a public space, I cease to believe in the passage of time. Without other people around, I can get sucked into the internet or Facebook or Twitter for hours and hardly notice. It's not that other people are going to come around and sneer at … Continue reading New Toy: Coffitivity


iPad apps for all!

The end of summer is fast approaching, and you may be wondering about new apps to load onto your iPad for the school year ahead. Your most important resource is Ms. Sena's CSH iPad blog here. I highly recommend that you check out this website and start finding out about the iPad program at CSH, … Continue reading iPad apps for all!

Info Out: Generating and Capturing Information

When I walk around campus at school, I'm rarely empty-handed. You'll notice that I'm always carrying three things. Thing one is my water bottle, since I am neurotic conscientious about hydration. I work out a lot and I'm a singer, so I'm doubly obsessed with drinking liter after liter of water. Thing two is my … Continue reading Info Out: Generating and Capturing Information