Talk This Weekend: “Kids, Learning, and the Maker Movement”

I’m presenting a talk today at Maker Faire Pittsburgh called “Kids, Learning, and the Maker Movement: Four Top Tips for Parents” at noon today and at 10:30 AM tomorrow in the Education Zone. If you’re around, come see me!

If you saw me speak today, welcome to my website! My slides will be available online here later today. Please feel free to look around: check out my older biog posts, see what I’m reading on Goodreads, and link to my work with Common Sense Media on Graphite and with iQ: smartparent at WQED Multimedia. Also, please follow me on Twitter @PMKievlan so we can continue the conversation we started today. Thanks!

Links from today’s talk:


Resources: Today’s PEN Talk

Here are some resources from my PEN talk today. Enjoy! — PMK 

October 2013 PEN Talk: Success Starts at Home: Homework Strategies for Cultivating Independence and Self-Advocacy
Delancey Street Screening Room, 600 Embarcadero, San Francisco 94107

School is about more than learning reading, writing, and arithmetic: it’s also about learning strategies for doing homework, studying for tests, and seeking help. Every student does this a little differently, especially students with learning differences, and it’s critical for every student to thoughtfully discover what methods work best and how to communicate their needs to others. Honing these skills can help every student find greater success in school and develop as a self-advocate along the way. This talk will feature proven strategies and ideas for students, parents, and teachers that can help with navigating homework, studying, and self-advocacy in middle school and high school.

Thanks so much for attending my talk for Parents Education Network! Below, you’ll find the slides from my talk. You’ll also find links to some of the organizations, resources, and tools I mentioned in my talk.

Here are links to some of my favorite resources for great technology to help aid students’ success at school.

Shelley Haven’s Tech Potential page. An extraordinary resource for assistive technology and ideas on how to make technology help every student, parent, and teacher.

Commonsense Media and Graphite. CSM reviews media for parents and kids, and their new educator-focused site called Graphite offers the same for educators. A great resource on apps and whether learning is truly “baked in” meaningfully.

EdTechTeacher’s “iPad as…” page. I love this resource for its “pick the learning need, then pick the app” approach.

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